The effectiveness of an insurance program is put to test in the event of a claim. Proper settlement of claim is a challenge for most business entity and therefore we believe broker services should be judged by the quality of its claim handling ability.

Preparing & presenting a claim can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our Claims Team with rich insurance domain experience, assist our clients in a host of activities e.g., liaising with the Surveyors & loss adjusters, inspection of the site of loss, documentation of claims and negotiations with insurers. The way that data is presented to insurers is the key to optimising claim settlement The underlying objective is to help our clients obtain due indemnity from the insurers.

Our role does not stop at that as our Risk Management Team draws up learnings from each mishap and offers appropriate advice to our clients towards preventing recurrence of similar losses.

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Ravichandra M.B
CTO, Karnataka

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